I’m Mariska.

With big hearted compassion and real financial superpowers, I prioritize being well & worth it for myself and my clients.

I’m your savvy money mentor here to help you heal your money fear and change your money story to one of freedom and a whole new future.


What’s Your Money Type?

Mariska blew me away! After only one session I felt I had a grasp on my money cash flow and big aha’s about my old limiting money beliefs. Mariska’s Well&Worth it money programs are life-changers.

Thank you - this is transformational work!

Seeing money in a more intuitive, integrative way means freedom, expansion in thinking.

I loved this workshop. It was hugely beneficial in me gaining insightful knowledge of pivotal instances in my past.

I loved all of it! Feeling like there was no blame game. A lot of constructive, practical information. I feel I’m really not alone. I no longer feel so stuck in my body, or spirit.


The Blog

Mariska money conversations, stories and juicy aha’s.